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KWD Digital introduction

KWD Digital is one of Finland’s leading full-service web design, development, and digital media agencies. The company was founded in 2006 and has it´s office in Helsinki.

We are a full service agency, specializing in website design and digital and social media strategies. In our web solutions we prefer Open Source CMS for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art know-how and experience manifests itself particularly with Drupal. The websites we design are, of course, search engine optimized to the fullest.

The four cornerstones of our services are website concepting, graphic design, programming and digital marketing. We also partner with several design firms and advertising agencies to give our clients the best of best in digital media.

KWD Digital currently employs 14 professionals including Drupal Developers, web-ADs, Technical Specialists, Database Experts, System Integrators, Designers and a SEO.


Stylish, smart, elegant, posh, sassy, flashy, dashing… Whatever your company’s website may require in order to be a secure functional and operational, personalized online calling card to enhance your company’s image and brand, we will plan, design and provide. We build websites that are business and marketing tools all at the same time.

Our website building services include, for example:

  • website concepting
  • graphic design
  • programming and technical support
  • search engine optimization
  • training and consultancy
  • digital marketing
  • follow-up and further development

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Contact Us

Your website is more than your online calling card. Please contact us for further information via email or by phone. Let us realize your company’s potential and make the Internet and the digital and social media work for you!


Address, Helsinki: Ilmalankatu 2, FIN-00240 Helsinki, Finland; tel. +358 (0)10 229 44 05